Association of Bowling Codes (ABC) Safeguarding Panel

This page contains the Aims and Objectives of the Association of Bowling Codes Safeguarding Panel (known as the Safeguarding Panel)

The Panel’s aim and objective is to produce the documentation for safeguarding of children and vulnerable adults which is common to the family of bowls, to update and revise procedures, guidance and advice as and when necessary; to enable child protection officers and welfare officers to be kept up to date with all the latest information and developments.

This document incorporates recommendations published by the NSPCC, the Child Protection in Sport Unit and Sport England.

Rôle of the Safeguarding Panel

The Safeguarding Panel is an advisory body and ensures the implementation of the Child and Vulnerable Adult Protection Policy and guidelines. The Panel offers guidance and information on current issues and legislation and advises on concerns and problem solving when necessary.

The Panel delivers training for clubs and counties and monitors progress whilst developing a safe culture and ethos to ensure that the rights of the child and/or vulnerable adult are respected.

The Safeguarding Panel consists of a working group from the partner NGB’s and members of partner organisations. The Panel operates independently to ensure that there is a cohesive child protection and care of vulnerable adults policy which encompasses all codes of bowls.

The Safeguarding Panel acts as a direct link to the following government departments, DBS, Child Protection In Sport Unit, NSPCC and also all the partner NGB’s.

The Panel also operates a case management process applying the disciplinary and appeals procedure in child protection and care of the vulnerable.

The Safeguarding Panel members are also trained Verifiers for the Disclosure and Barring Service clearance procedure and are in the process of training Verifiers in the counties: in many cases these are the SOs or WOs. It is hoped that this will ensure a wider spread of Verifiers throughout the family of bowls.

CRB clearance forms are also issued by members of the Safeguarding Panel and can be obtained from your designated NGB liaison point as detailed in the DBS Checks page.

Documents relating to DBS Clearances can be verified by any persons listed in Child Protection - DBS official document verifiers. British Crown Green members should contact their National Safeguarding Officer/ Welfare officer, Mr Paul Ashmore.

Members of the Safeguarding Panel comprise National Safeguarding Officers and Welfare Officers Officers of all partner codes are detailed in the Bowls Panel Members page.

The Modus Operandi (how it functions) of the Panel is defined in its Constitution.

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